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Required documents to attach to the execuatur demand

Required documents to attach to the demand that you must send to us:



  • Certified copy of the judgment properly legalized ( with the apostille of the Hague, that is issued by the competent authority of the state from where the sentence proceeds) . This apostille is not necessary for judgments of some countries. In this case, translation of the judgment done by a certified interpreter, we take care of the translation because if it is done in Spain by a certified translator the translation does not have to be legalized.


  • Certificate that the judgment is final.


  • Certificate of the notification of the sentence to the defendant.


  • If the divorce has been of mutual agreement, the legalized regulating agreement with the apostille of The Hague must be provided.


  • Full marriage certificate.


  • Full birth certificate of children if there is any.


  • Full marriage certificate of the Spanish registry ( of the Spanish consulate of the country where it is registered, or of the  Spanish Central Civil Registry )


  • Special lawsuit powers for attorney ( legalized in the Spanish consulate and indicating the country to whom it is addressed)


  • Legalized photocopy of the Identification card (DNI) or foreign identification card (NIE)
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