Tramitación del permiso de residencia

Processing for residence

[vc_row][vc_column width=»1/1″][vc_column_text]Process for the application in Spain of the Residence Permit through an economic investment in properties over more than 500.000 euros.


Valid only for non- EU citizens without residence in Spain in the moment of the inversion.




1.- Process the NIE ( foreigner identification number). Investor and the rest of the family that desire the residence card.


2.- Purchase of the property. Investor and the rest of the family that desire the residence card.


3.- Processes and documentation to collect in Spanish territory in a period of 60 days for the application of the visa at the Spanish Consulate in the country of origin:


       3.1.- The foreign investor must open a bank  accountin a Spanish bank in an office of Spain and deposit:

  • 25.560,52 € for the applicant and the 100% of the iprem.
  • 6.390,13 €  for every additional family member.
  • Amount equal or over 500.000 euros for the purchase of the property.


      3.2.- To count with or subscribe for a public or private  medical health insurance in Spain  for disease with an entity to operate in Spain.
      3.3.- Apply for a certificate of “ Ownership, Charges and encumbrances “ to the property registry. 



Important: If after 90 days the deed to the property of the purchase is not yet registered it must be presented to the Spanish consulate of the country of origin with the rest of the documentation, “ the entry of presentation” of the deed of the property of the purchase-sale in the property registry and the payment receipt of the tributes of the purchase.


4.- Visa application.

With all the documents mentioned before go to the consulate of the country of origin or of residence to present the corresponding application for the “residence visa “ as an investor, certifying ( in compliance of the “ law against money laundering ) the origin of the incomes of the applicant, justifying the bank movements made in the last year, providing the valid passport of the investor and off all his family members and paying the corresponding Spanish consular fees.


It is possible that the consulate also requires photos, certificate of criminal records of the country of origin or certificate of good conduct or medical certificate that certifies the absence of diseases of the applicant as of his family that could inhibit his transfer to Spain.


5.- Application for Residence Permit.  Once the visa residency is granted you must travel, in the term of 30 days after its conceded, to Spain to apply for the residence permit. With this permit you can officially reside in Spain during two years without having to leave once reached 90 days. Afterwards an application can be made for the Residence card as a non-EU citizen and after 10 years the Spanish nationality.


Observations about the residence card or permit in Spain:


– Entry in Spain without visa is permitted from your country of origin and in addition can enter the rest of the Schengen countries without residency visa with maximum stay of 90 days that the corresponding governments can verify with the data of the flights.


  • The passport will no be stamped as it only occurs when a non-EU member enters the first Schengen country.
  • The U.K does not belong to the Schengen countries consequently not being able to enter with the Spanish residency card.
  • In General Regime only family members of community citizens that have the community family card in Spain can enter without visa.


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