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Prison Law


n occasions, a criminal conviction implies the obligation of having to due time in prison.  The duration of this time is established in the sentence, but the actual time done, the conditions that it’s done under, and the enjoyment of prison benefits are elements that can vary completely from case to case.  Because of this, it becomes essential to be able to count on the service of an expert lawyer in prison law, there are many criminal lawyers that comfortably manage themselves within Criminal Law, but are not aware of the possibilities of defense and working areas that begin once the verdict is announced, that can improve the life of the prison inmate and thus literally abandon their client the second he or she crosses the prison threshold.


We add to our defense the newest tool of MEDIATION, which can result in prison benefits such as:


  • Initial classification in open regime
  • Prison permits
  • Exclusion of the period of security (Art. 36.2 CP)
  • Parole
  • Anticipated parole (Art. 91.2 C.P)



Action Areas


  • Visits and assistance in the Penitentiary.
  • Request for Release Pending Trial.
  • Application for Parole.
  • Application for Third Degree Regime.
  • Application for Ordinary and Extraordinary Permits.
  • Appeals for Grade Reduction.
  • Appeals in the Disciplinary Procedure.
  • All types of appeals to the Prison Supervision Court and Higher Courts (related to Prison Law).
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