Building Bridges

Non – residents

In a more and more globalized society, there are still barriers in the diversity of the current legislative system.  In ABILITY, we try to avoid these barriers becoming a factor for non-communication and lack of protection when it comes to the rights and interests of our foreign clients.  We accompany you so that you can move with total confidence and security in our country.


We are aware that there are numerous situations in which a non-resident person or legal entity in Spain could require the services of a trustworthy lawyer within our territory, in all the fields of law.

  • 24 hours legal assistance to the arrested.
  • Defense and accusation in all kinds of felonies and criminal procedures.
  • Extradition
  • European  Arrest Order
  • Assistance  to non-residents who are in custody deprived of freedom in any of the penitentiaries of the country:
    • Visits to the inmate.
    • Parole.
    • Serving the sentence in your home country.
    • Transfers.
    • Improvements in the conditions while serving time.
    • Mediation
  • Assessment and management to all foreigners, residents or non-residents in our country, when buying, selling or renting a property in Spain.
  • Management of any judicial matter that may arise related to a property.
    • Evictions
    • Rental claims
    • Asset management


  • Claim of non-payments.
  • Mixed marriage files
  • Mixed marriage separations and divorces
  • Changes in separation and divorce conditions
  • Executions of divorce and separation sentences
  • Non-payment of alimony
  • Inheritance


  • Acknowledgement of sentence from other countries in Spain.


  • Residence for investors
  • Asset management
  • Full assistance to the foreigner: Public and private medical assistance, school search, home search, resident´s permit, search for domestic workers


In Ability Abogados we study your case and offer an uncompromissed quote.
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