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Methodology and procedure for Execuatur



  1.  Feasibility study.
  2.  In order to process your exequatur procedure you must send by mail the corresponding documentation.
  3.  You must make a bank transfer for the  fund provisions  corresponding to the 70%  of our fees to an indicated account
  4.  Once we receive the documentation and the bank transfer we present the application of exequatur in the court within 24 hours and we send you a copy stamped by the court to whom it was presented.
  5.  The court will notify your application of exequatur to your ex spouse to the country in which he resides, to avoid delays in the process its important to provide the address of your ex spouse.
  6.  Afterwards the briefing will be requested to the office of public prosecutor that must pronounce itself about the legality of the exequatur.
  7.  Finally the court will dictate an order through which will reach a decision about the request of exequatur.
  8.  In the case that the court grants the exequatur it will inscribe it ex officio in the Civil Registry .
  9.  We will forward you the court order by mail and you must pay out the remaining 30% of our fees.




The duration will vary depending of the type of exequatur, of the courts that will process it, and most off all, if there are persons to notify abroad. It can range between some weeks and several months.





  • Translation: The fees of the certified translators range around 0,11 euros per word , we work with  a number of them so we will give you several budgets and you chose the most convenient one.


  • Attorney: The attorney fees are approximately 150 euros.


  •  Lawyer’s Fees: 750 euros


  •  Other expenses: In occasions it results convenient to turn to private services of notification when the ex spouse resides abroad, this accelerates the process considerably. You will be informed if there is this possibility and it’s cost for the country where you’re ex spouse resides, so you can decide yourself.
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