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In ABILITY ABOGADOS we counsel and manage procedures derived from layoffs, redundancy plans, claims, extinction of contracts, disciplinary law, court proceedings, drafting of company agreements, special regimes, harassment or mobbing, and crimes against workers.


Today more than ever, it is necessary to count on a specialist who has in-depth knowledge of labor law, who can safeguard your interests as a worker, or can protect those of the employer in each case.



Action Areas


  • Claims of quantities and rights.
  • Layoffs and sanctions.  Planning of the company´s disciplinary policy.  Geographical and functional mobility.  International mobility and within group companies.
  • Substantial changes in working conditions.
  • Permits and leaves.
  • Redundancy Schemes.
  • Collective conflicts.
  • Mobbing and harassment on the job counseling.
  • Union law.  Union policies.  Negotiations and agreement planning.
  • Company-Group Framework.
  • Social Security: disability pension in any of its degrees (partial permanent disability, total permanent disability, absolute permanent disability, permanent grand disability.)
  • Prevention of occupational hazards. Labor-Criminal Law. Counseling and court defense.
  • Labor contracts and subcontracting.  Legal transfer of human resources and social crime.
  • Court defense, both during individual or collective conflicts.
  • Representation and defense against official agencies such and the Social Security and the Public Administration.
  • Representation and defense against Labor Inspections and the Social Security.
  • Assessment on the Prevention of Occupational Hazards.
  • Conciliation Papers.
  • Appeals.
  • Executions.
  • Labor mediation.


In Ability Abogados we study your case and offer an uncompromissed quote.
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