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International desk


Ability Abogados has created the International Desk department through which, with an expert network of collaborators in different areas, we offer a complete range of legal services and personalized attention to the foreign clients, so residents in Spain, as in their country of origin, that have interests, both personal and commercial in Spain.


The new Residence for Investment Regulation permits the foreign to speed up the processing of their residence permit in Spain if they invest at least 500.000 euros in real estate properties, 1.000.000 in stock or bank accounts, or 2.000.000 in public dept.


If you are interested in investing in Spain we offer an integral service so that you do not have to worry about anything, as we count with and extent network of collaborators , our services go from getting you in contact with real estate agencies, investment funds, banks etc., processing of residence permit for you and your family, searching for housing, schools, medical service, hiring of staff, if you want to live in Spain, or management of your property in the case that you don’t want to reside in Spain.

Requisitos para solicitar exequatur
assistance to foreign clients
expedite procedures
integral service for investment operations in Spain
procedures for residence permits
In Ability Abogados we study your case and offer an uncompromissed quote.
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