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Marriage breakup should not be considered as a personal failure and a frustration that lasts for the rest of your life.  Once the decision of getting a divorce is firm, it becomes optimal to carefully plan the immediate future.  In Ability, we offer a free orientation session with our Physiologist in order to give you the basics and how to deal with the breakup and the way to communicate it to your children.


We are well aware of the special circumstances and difficulties that come with issues that arise from Family Law, which is why it is Ability´s policy to always try to reach a friendly agreement from the very first moment, which will regulate your family´s relationship in the future, and that it can be yourselves who establish and organize the way you are going to life once the cohabitation ends, because nobody knows yours and your family´s needs better than yourselves, we will help ease the communication between yourselves thanks to our training in negotiation and conflict solving, and this way you will avoid confrontation and litigations of the matter, we will only litigate if you confirm the impossibility of establishing communication with the other part, or when it becomes necessary in order to safeguard our client´s interests.



  • Separation and divorce.


  • Facto Unions.


  • Economical Matrimonial Regimes, agreements before, during, and after marriage.


  • Division of assets in common.


  • Execution of the Sentence in the case of non-compliance of the terms agreed in the divorce procedure or others: (non-compliance of visiting agreement, nonpayment of pensions, disagreement regarding the parental authority, changes in residency, school, extra costs….)


  •  Changes in the Separation or Divorce Sentence, both because of mutual agreement or litigation


  • Prenuptial and Preventive Law (capitulations, marriage agreements)
  • Administration of marital records and the obligated election of the economic regime.


  • Requests for food within parents.Visiting regime for grandparents and other relatives.


  • Filiation procedures, paternity claims and challenges.


  • Abduction of children.


  • Disabilities, Adoptions, foster homes, emancipations.


  • Wills and inheritance procedures.


  • Domestic and gender-based violence.


  • Civil and ecclesiastical annulments.


  • Tutelage and guardianships.
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