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Abogados Exequatur Divorcio


e are expert lawyers in recognized dictated judgments by a foreign court in Spain.


The exequátur is the procedure in which is legally recognized a dictated judgment by a foreign court in Spain. Our expert lawyers in recognized dictated judgments by a foreign court in Spain begin this procedure before the Courts of First Instance of the locality where the claimant resides. The objective is to achieve that the dictated sentence has effect in Spain.


The exequatur must be requested in various assumptions, in order to:


  • Give and demand the compliance to the content established in the dictated sentence in the country of origin and execute that to what one of the spouses is condemned.
  • Inscribe in the property registry the properties that are assigned to one of the spouses these are situated in Spain..
  • As a previous requirement to modify measurements that are established in the divorce or separation.
  • Inscribe the divorce judgment in the Spanish civil registry.
  • As a previous requirement for a new marriage.
  • Demand the payment of a pension, when the obligated is a resident in Spain


And in general


Our expert lawyers in recognized dictated judgments by a foreign court in Spain request in assumptions such as:


  • Spanish citizens the want to give effect in Spain to the sentence of separation or divorce obtained abroad.
  • For the recognition of a sentence dictated abroad whose holder resides in Spain, or the sons or the properties




  • They will be executable the following types of judgments:
  • The ones that establish alimony pensions in favor of the children, or relatives
  • Those that set compensatory pensions
  • The ones that make adjudications of goods and rights
  • And in general what other disposition that the sentence establishes and whose execution is intended to apply in Spain




  • Recognition of Divorce judgments of a marriage celebrated abroad
  • Recognition of judgments to demand alimony when it is intended to force a person resident in Spain to pay an alimony pension recognized in a sentence dictated in a foreign country.
  • Recognition of executable sentences in which a payment of an amount of money is condemned and the executed has its residence or permanent base in Spanish territory.




  • Nationals of foreign countries that reside in Spain, or that have to be fulfilled here, some of the effects recognized in mentioned sentence
  • Spaniards that have obtained  a divorce  judgment abroad
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