At Ability Abogados we are aware that finding yourself involved in a criminal procedure, regardless if it is as the victim or the accused, is always a difficult and delicate situation, since your liberty, economy and honor can be effected, which is why ABILITY ABOGADOS  is the guaranty that your rights will be protected, as well as your probability of winning the process. Knowing the laws is not enough; ABILITY ABOGADOS is characterized by incorporating to your defense creativity and an analytical mind. And even though these two concepts seem to be contradicting, when used together they can provide a powerful tool in your defense.


We are experts in being precise in the analysis of your case, with the goal of finding the details that the majority of the people and professionals don´t see. Creativity is then necessary to use of that information in the benefit of our clients.


Our experience has shown us that criminal cases are often won thanks to defects in the procedure, which is why we provide our extended know-how in Procedural Law and court experience.

We introduce in the criminal area, the newest tool in Mediation, that can provide benefits not only to the victim, by being the damage repaired, but also to the accused, both physical and legal entities, and both in the phase prior to the trial, possibly obtaining mitigation of the Sentence, the phase of the execution of the Sentence, with suspensions and substitution of the punishment, as well as the phase of completing the term in a prison by moving forward parole, grants of temporary leaves from custody, and the obtaining of the third degree regime, etc.

We exercise not only the Defense but also the Private PROSECUTION; this implies that when we act as one of these roles, we have full knowledge of the actions and line of defense used by the other party or the Public Prosecutor.

If you are the victim of a criminal offense, you have the right to conduct a case, and to file a claim or complaint against the person responsible for the offense. Filing a claim implies several advantages like, the possibility of requesting a preliminary restraining order against the offender such as their detention and arrest.

You can also request the Instructing Judge the practice of evidence such as the gathering of testimonies from witnesses, experts, from the complainant or the accused, as well as documentary evidence, etc.


Defense and prosecution in all areas of offenses.

In Ability Abogados we study your case and offer an uncompromissed quote.
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