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Criminal law for non- residents

A family member or friend who comes to Spain could find themselves involved in an illicit incident and be arrested, for example, they can be arrested at the airport for contraband, drug traffic, or can be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.  Also, they can be arrested following a European Arrest Order, or to be extradited.  In these cases, it´s essential to count of a trustworthy lawyer in Spain from the beginning, this is why we offer you our 24 hour law assistance to the arrested.


We lead the procedure in Spain in collaboration with other lawyers hired by the family in the country of origin.


The case could be that a relative or friend of yours is serving time in a Spanish penitentiary, Ability assists those foreign citizens that are deprived of liberty in any penitentiary institutions of the country, with the goal of improving their conditions of interment, promote transfers, early release, serving the sentence in the home country, and what is most important, continual visits to the inmate that serve as moral support.

Derecho penal no residentes
24 hr. legal assistance
assistance in defense and prosecution
european Arrest Order
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