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Civil Law

Civil Law is present in many everyday actions in our life, since it governs private and economical relationships between people, both voluntary and forced, which in many cases become the source of conflict.  This is why Ability Abogados offers the counseling you need; we not only know substantive law but also procedural law, with great experience in Court.


We introduce the new tool of the mediation to resolve conflicts; we understand that judicial approach is just another way of resolution of conflicts.  There will be instances when there will not be another way to resolve them, but experience has shown us that in most situations the conflict could have been resolved in a positive way for both parts with the use of mediation, saving time and money.


When going with the judicial approach, it has to be taken into account not only the wages of lawyers and court representatives, but all costs, including court rates, and if your demand is dismissed, you will be condemned to pay the court fees., which is why in Ability we clearly communicate to our clients if we confirm that their demand has a high probability of being dismissed, because we prefer not to obtain benefit at his or hers expense.  Before initiating any demand, we will inform you of the viability of your case and all of the possible costs involved.

Action Areas


  • Civil Contracts: review of contracts, personalized drafts, claims for non-compliance of contract, etc.
  • Banking Law: preference shares, subordinated debt, swaps, multi-currency or floor clause mortgage, etc.
  • Mortgage Law: Review of the mortgage conditions, negotiations, refinancing, dations in payment, foreclosures, etc.
  • Urban Leases: Evictions based on expiry of time limit, non-payment of rent, debt claims, and contracts of house rental.
  • Payment Claims (judicial or out of court).
  • Civil Liability (traffic accidents, etc.)
  • Ordinary Proceeding
  • Oral Proceeding
  • Payment Proceeding
  • Voluntary Jurisdiction
  • Exchange Trials (claim of check payment, promissory notes, bills of exchange).
  • Sentence Enforcement
  • Commercial Law: arrangement with creditors.
In Ability Abogados we study your case and offer an uncompromissed quote.
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