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Civil law for non- residents

Assessment and management to all foreigners, residents or non-residents in our country, when buying, selling or renting a property in Spain, as well as in any other kind of juridical business, this way ensuring the legality and safety of the transaction.


  • Management of  any legal issue that could arise in relation with the property, both during the judicial process as well as the pre-judicial scope (conflict among neighbors, controversies that may arise between the Community of Owners and Public Institutions, evictions, rental fee claims)
  • Quantity claims: Companies that export know that their foreign customers can suffer delay in payments, and that there are large differences in rules and customs in each country.


Our direct communication and our dynamic way to act assures a professional, quick and effective procedure of collecting debts.  If your Spanish costumer owes you a payment, but does not show signs of paying, directly consulting a lawyer has advantages, and will allow you to avoid duplicating costs.


Ability is more than prepared to start legal actions against those in debt, such as freezing measures or the request for bankruptcy.  Ability claims in your name.


  •  Vendor claims:  It could happen that you have bought a product in Spain, but you haven´t received it, or it has been delivered damaged, Ability will claim in your name.
assessment and management
legal management related with property
Debt claims
complaints from suppliers
Derecho civil para no residentes
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